Saturday 8th February
12:00pm - 12:45pm

Location: The Fromagerie, Cellar Door Fest
Host: Emily Kroschel & Dana Mosey

For a long time, cheese played hard to get. Hanging out with all those wines and fancy liquors. Late nights in bars and swanky restaurants. Meanwhile, we could see tea was secretly stewing. Waiting. Hoping. Oh, sure, there was all that flirting with biscuits and even those blousy scones. But then, one day, we decided to play Cupid and paired our cheese to organic tea leaves. Boy, did they hit it off. It was like they suited each other to a… well, you know. So, if you love tea and you love cheese, book now for this exclusive masterclass hosted by the team at Barossa Valley Cheese Company. Don’t judge it till you try it.


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